Are You at a Beacon-enabled Location?

Download the free Live Beacon app from the App Store or Google Play to receive information from nearby beacons.

What is Live Beacon?

Live Beacon is a small, battery-powered, cloud-controlled device that transmits web content to smartphones and tablets up to 30 meters (100 feet) away.

Live Beacon makes it possible to:

  • Transmit information about any object or place. Like a painting in an art gallery, an artefact in a museum, or the menu in a restaurant.
  • Create self-guided tours, where the information automatically changes as visitors move from one beacon to another.
  • Share content with an audience; whether that's a handful of colleagues in a boardroom, a class of students, or thousands at an event.
  • Build awesome location-based experiences; such as mazes, soundscapes, treasure hunts, and more.

We like to say it's: the little gizmo that transmits info!

Transmit location-specific web content to visitors' smartphones & tablets.

Beacons + Cloud Portal + Free App

Live Beacon isn't just a device — it's a simple, yet powerful, combination of hardware and software.

  1. The beacons transmit your content.
  2. The cloud portal is used to update your content.
  3. And the free app receives your content.

Use the cloud portal website to:

  • Transmit any web page, video or web app; or use the drag-and-drop editor to create content.
  • Change the notification message that visitors receive (like a text message) when they arrive.
  • Adjust the range, from a tap (like contactless) — up to 30 meters (100 feet).
  • For advanced users, build powerful context-aware, proximity-based experiences with sub-meter accuracy using the code view and JavaScript API.

Connect digital content to the physical world.

— How It Works —

1) Position beacons near to points-of-interest.

2) Update their content using the cloud portal.

3) Visitors with the Live Beacon app automatically receive a notification when they arrive.

4) As they move from beacon-to-beacon the content automatically changes.

Live Beacon also supports The Physical Web to receive content without downloading the Live Beacon app.

Beaconify* anything!

*We may have made this word up.


Looking for iBeacon or The Physical Web?

Live Beacon supports both Apple iBeacon and The Physical Web beacon technologies, it works with iOS and Android devices, and — unlike other beacons — you don’t need a computer science degree to set it up!

You can change all of a beacon's settings via the cloud portal website, from any web browser, anywhere in the world.

Live Beacon is the world's simplest beacon.

Apple Android Bluetooth iBeacon Eddystone Physical Web

Tech Specs

Color: Black
Size: 48 x 48 x 17 mm (1.89 x 1.89 x 0.67 in)
Weight: 40 grams (1.41 ounces)
Waterproof: Yes. Rated IP67
Battery: 1,000 Mah CR2477 (included)
Battery Life: 2 years. Always-on
Battery Replaceable: Yes
Range: Up to 30 meters (100 feet)
Beacons Protocols: iBeacon + The Physical Web
Warranty: 2 years

— What People Are Saying —

The simplest iBeacon device out there.
— SlashGear
It took me literally less than a minute to set up one of my beacons.
— 9to5Mac


Get Started

A Live Beacon starter pack include everything you need to get beaconing!

When you're ready for a larger deployment, beacons can be ordered in bulk. And if the Live Beacon app doesn't tick all your boxes, we also undertake bespoke projects built on top of our technology.


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If you've got any questions, or would like to learn more about Live Beacon, please get in touch — we'd be glad to help.